A Bit About Me

My name is Helen and I started out my working life as a beauty and complementary therapist and, while I always maintianed a client list working from my own studio, I also worked in a few salons and a well-known spa.  Fabulous experience and I just love people, so a truly perfect career. 

Eventually I went on to teach, mainly teaching BTEC, and I just can’t tell you how rewarding and satisfying that job was.  I did that for almost 10 years until an opportunity came up and I took voluntary redundancy because I was just seeing the emergence of a new project I was working on.  www.fresholi.com burst into life in 2007.

www.maboho.com follows on from this and helps to bring together all the things I love about style and beauty with the experience I have acquired and the people that I have met on my work-life journey. 

Maboho doesn’t believe that beauty and style is an exclusive club reserved for the elite A (B or C) listers, who fit a certain size, shape, look or lifestyle.  Maboho is aimed at those of us who are just normal, everyday individuals who are beautiful in their own, fabulous way.