Monday, 26 December 2011

A ‘Saling’ Lesson

I had to take my daughter to town today (Boxing Day sales) because she was 'sooo desperate' to bag a bargain (or ten) at Lush.   However, Lush didn’t open until 11am, but I had no intention of getting into town around this time – the parking would have been a nightmare. 

So, we got up nice and early and got into town at around 9ish.  Well, it was BLISS!!!!  Hardly any other ‘salers’, so we had the ships to ourselves – well, for at least 10 minutes, after which, we were swarmed with other ‘salers’.  Anyway, it gave me an opportunity to teach my offspring the ways of the ‘saling world’. 

I tend to stick to these rules of thumb:

If you are going to ‘The Sales’ and you want to minimise the stress, tension, pushing and shoving, elbowing, snatching, grabbing, endless queuing…

  • Get in there early – got out of there early!
  • NEVER look at anything other than the sales racks – you can look at the other stuff anytime but sale items will usually fly,
  • Many shops offer 10-20% throughout the year, so focus on those that are discounted at least 30% or more.
  • Be quick and decisive about what you are going buy, hesitation and deliberation will (very often) mean the item will disappear before your very eyes (like magic!)
This was seriously put to the test in Lush I might add – my daughter’s eyes were as big a saucers with shock and surprise and she actually asked to leave!!!!  THAT’s never happened before.

Anyway, we had a bit of time to kill so, of course, we headed for Primark.  I had absolutely no intention of buying anything but oops!!  Look what fell into my bag!! 

The boots are sooo comfortable.  They were £15.00 but reduced to £8.00, so I got two pairs (great for the school run).  How could I not?  It would have been most rude not to.  The lovely chunky knit scarf was only £2.90, reduced from £4.00 and I thought it would go lovely with the boots (I have a couple of lovely grey jumper dresses too, so will be nice altogether).  The top is from New Look.  It was £9.00 but I can’t remember what it was originally.  I just liked it though.

The over the knee socks I bought from Primark but not in the sale.  They were only £2.00 anyway but I love the little detail.  I have some black ones too and I tend to wear them over the top of black tights (bit of extra warmth and added interest to the overall look I think).

I bought my daughter some things too (not pictured).  A lovely fur collared, leather look jacket (only £6.00!), a pair of boots, a bag and a cardigan.  These too were from Primark and the total bill was only £45.00 (or thereabouts). 

We got to Lush and queued (not for too long) and when the doors opened…..  OMG!!!!!  That was MADNESS!!  All the Christmas stock as half price and people were literally scooping products off the shelves, into their baskets with their arms.  Baskets were full to the brim but oh my….  You couldn’t move in there.  Needless to say that my daughter applied all the knowledge of her teachings, , only looked at the sales items, made her decisions quick and headed for that exit, quick-sharp!!  ‘You have done well my child’ 

Of course, none of those rules would apply had I gone on my own – I would probably still be there now – albeit in a crumpled heap on the floor and bags full of stuff I don’t really need and probably wouldn’t normally buy, but I won’t tell her that ;o)

We bagged a few bargains and were home by 12 (although took until about 1.30 to recover).  Overall, not bad and from what I could see, most of the High Street shops had some great sales and were well worth the visit, if you dare – gulp!

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