Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Extreme Skincare & No Fluff

A while ago, I got to test-drive a range of certified organic products from the multi-award winning skincare company, Beyond Organic Skincare .

Sea buckthorn features heavily throughout the range and Beyond are particularly interested in harnessing the unique properties of this wonder plant, since it “it is the only plant in the world known to include omega 3, 6, 7 & 9”.  Beyond are proud to say their products “contain more than one hundred and ninety biologically active compounds”.

But what is it like to use?  Well, I can say first hand that Beyond have created a range that is quite different.  Despite their complexity at molecular level and the clever combining of biological actives, I feel it is a range that has been somewhat ‘stripped back’ and loses all the unnecessary ‘fluff’.  I think Beyond have focussed most of their attention on really goes on at skin level and it is this, I think, that makes it a very different product to use.

Take A Closer Look & Read The Full Review At Maboho World....

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