Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Interesting Question

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Well, this is the first post on the Maboho blog and I never really knew what to include here that I wasn't saying on the Maboho website, but a questions was asked on twitter this morning, that has spurred this post.  So, please forgive the lack of furniture around here, I will need to find some time to make it look a bit more homely.

So what was the question that stimulated this post?

It's a cute one really....  On twitter, someone asked "I'm paranoid about having crepey 'nana arms' when I'm older, do you think my exfoliation routine will prevent this?" (see?  it is quite cute isn't it).

Well I guess the answer to this is yes, it will certainly help.  In the short-term, it instantly improves the look of the skin but, when regularly done, the long-term advantages of regular boosts to the blood circulation (which will bring fresh oxygen and nutrients from the blood as well as help improve lymphatic circulation) speaks for itself.  Also, by removing the dead skin cells (sounds lovely doesn't it?), it will allow more efficient absorption of moisturisers.  This is excellent for dry skin (which tends to look dull and can appear crepey).  I recently wrote an article for Maboho all about exfoliation, that is a little more in-depth, which might interest you.

Regular exfoliation followed by a suitable moisturiser will leave the skin glowing, looking smooth and the plumping effect from the more efficient absorption of moisturisers will give the skin a nice, youthful appearence and reduce the crepey appearance.

Of course, exfoliation should form part of a bigger regimen, but it will certainly play a huge part, along with regular moisturising.  Exercise, a good diet (lots of fresh fruit and veggies), lots of clear fluids and, above all, regular application of a high SPF(summer and winter) are all highly important too.

Anyway, there's the first post and I am rather please about that :o)  Do have a look at the Maboho Website though, there's some further information on exfoliation, some great reviews on exfoliating products by some great beauty bloggers as well as other bits and bobs that might be of interest.

Ooh.... and do bear with me on this blog, I will spruce it up in due course - honest gov!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post now I know my efforts will pay off now and when I'm older!

Mabobo said...

You are most welcome :o) I think all efforts to looks after yourself outside and in, will always pay off when you are older x

Suzanne said...

Great tip. Thank you. Once my tan has faded I will start!

Mabobo said...

Actually Suzanne, if you exfoliate while you still have your tan (you lucky thing) and moisturise well, it can really enhance it ;o)