Sunday, 6 November 2011

Nanoblur Review

 Well, I am having a few issues with the Maboho World site so, while that is being sorted out, I thought I would use this opportunity to talk about Nanoblur. 

If you aren’t familiar with Nanoblur, it is a cream that is claimed to make you “look up to 10 years younger in 40 seconds”.  Quite a claim and I have to say, it aroused my curiosity, so I thought I would give it a go.  Why not?

The cream is a little expensive, £19.99/30ml but I guess, if it works and you are happy with the result, it is a small price to pay.  It creates an optical effect (so no claims that it works deep within the epidermis) that is designed to soften fine lines, enlarged pores, sagging skin etc….  and is designed to be used as the last step in your morning/daily skin care/make-up routine.

It can be used:

- alone after moisturising
- after foundation but before powder

You are advised to mix it with moisturiser if your skin is very dry.

My experience:

At first, I thought that maybe yes, my skin seems more luminous, but I did have a bit of trouble using it over foundation, because as I was applying it, it seems to rum off the foundation.  So, the next day I tried gently patting it on, using a rolling action with the pads of my fingers.  This seemed to be better however, when I applied the powder over the top, I felt the powder was sticking and it seemed patchy – clearly I hadn’t applied the Nanoblur evenly enough using the rolling and patting. 

I think I have perfected applying it over foundation now, still using the patting and rolling action, but I seem to do that more evening now.  But I would advise anyone to wait a few minutes before powder to really allow the cream to dry – as it can seem a bit sticky/tacky if you apply powder straight away.

You might be reading this and saying, that’s great Helen but does it work?  Does it make you look younger? 

Oh I so don’t want to say this and I wish I could be more positive.  All I can say is I didn’t think it worked for me.  Maybe I am not applying it correctly.  Maybe my mirror is in lighting where I can’t tell.  It may well be wonderful for others (and I am sure there will be lots of really positive reviews), but for me, I don’t think it is the right product for me, at this time.  I just didn’t notice much of a difference, well not enough to make this a must-have product in my skin care collection.  Sorry Nanoblur.

There is one more thing (gosh… I hate being so negative), I noticed a flakey film develop on my skin after a few hours (although it was only visible when you looked up close – so not so bad).  It gave the appearance of dry skin but I don’t tend to have dry skin on my face.

So all in all, for me, it wasn’t the wonder-product.  Sad because I really did have really high hopes.  That is not to say that it won’t work for you as I am sure it has been fabulous for some.

To help balance this, there is a great review over at Nicolletta's Beauty Space blog, where she talks about some of the issues that I experienced but was, all in all, really impressed and there's some great before and after pics.

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