Friday, 18 November 2011

Yomojo Mojo....

I have been lucky enough to able to try the Neroli Balm from Yomojo but before I talk about this, I would first like to introduce you to the creator behind the balm. 

Rajiv, one of the calmest and nicest guys you could wish to meet and has a strange way of transferring this vibe through the ether and onto others.  Without wishing to sound too ‘out there’ and I know that is does sound a bit strange but honestly, he’s a lovely guy with a great vibe and I swear that he gives each pot of balm a nice dollop of good karma.

Not only does Rajiv teach yoga but is also a Thai Yoga massage therapist and combines techniques based on yoga and Ayurveda working along the body’s energy lines.  Here’s a short video of him at work….

Thai Yoga Massage from Rajiv Shah on Vimeo.

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