Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I Have To Be Honest...

Just Me & My Thoughts
But I Wonder If It Is Just Me?

I was thinking about where I stood regarding the fast-paced world of style & beauty. 
I like honesty and admire it in others.  So I thought I would I would write a few, very honest, words about where I stood on this – at least where I stand today, in this moment in time.

I love style and beauty.  I love to shop, dress nice, paying attention to those finishing touches and to flick through magazines for the latest looks – love to be inspired.  Got to be honest though, I can just as easy throw on a pair of comfy jeans, sloppy sweater & little baseball shoes – and often do for school runs.  I like to feel relaxed about how I look and how I should look.  I don’t want to feel pressurised and intimidated to dress or look a certain way in this ever-evolving, fast-pace sector.  I find it difficult to keep up.  I guess I am like so many other people.  I am just normal, average, typical.

I am inspired by the creativity of designers, be they well-known or not so well-known.  But I believe we are all designers.  Pioneers of the ‘latest look’.  Think about this, walk down any busy street and there will be just some normal, everyday person who just inspires you.  The way they have put together their look, the way they have done their make-up or how they have done their hair or whatever – regardless of their shape, size or age, something about them will inspire you to try and emulate an aspect of their look or to try something new & completely different.  Likewise, you get that same inspiration from many of the beauty blogs and YouTube channels – these are real people who are really inspiring.

Sure, celebrities do influence our looks and possibly our lifestyles, but the problem here, for us regular folk, we don’t have the luxury of personal stylists, designers who want us to ‘wear’ them and rarely do we have a pocket deep enough to fund it, especially in the current economic climate.  Plus, I would bet that most celebs are, deep down, a bit like myself…  happy in a pair of jeans & sloppy sweater when the mood takes them.  I wonder if any of them grimace at the thought of having to go out of a morning/day/evening, looking perfect, just in case they get papped.  This said, most big High Street retailers are on top of this and do make the latest designs available at more affordable prices (phew!).

I like fashion and beauty when it’s within reach (and budget).  Do-able.  When it ‘speaks’ to me but doesn’t pressurise me.  I also like unique – something that little bit different.  Independent designers and small businesses of style and beauty products offer that uniqueness that you wouldn’t necessarily see on the High Street.  That enables the everyday, average Jo(anne) to be a pioneer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the High Street, with its variety, availability and accessibility.  But I also like to mix in unique pieces/products and wear them at ease.

If you are reading this, I am kind of hoping that some of what I have said you can relate to.  These are just my thoughts that I think right now but, as the saying goes, what’s true today may not be true tomorrow.  What do you think?


Suzanne said...

I am a jeans and t-shirt girl and have never really felt comfortable dressed up. I hate following fashion and would much prefer to tread my own path (albeit a not standing out in the crowd way). I do tend to look at the catwalk trends and end up thinking "why?" All in all I am not a very typical girly (and I don't really do pink).

Mabobo said...

Thanks Suzanne but I bet you there, there are people that look at you and feel inspired by your style or some aspect of it IYSWIM. :o)