Monday, 28 November 2011

The Fear Was Felt, The Video Done!

Sometimes it is better to show how to do something rather than write about it isn’t it?  Well, that’s what I decided to do, hence the video.  But it was far from easy.  Honestly, I bow down to those v/loggers out there.  It is much more difficult than it looks, being in a room, alone, talking into a camera as if it was your friend.  And, as a person who runs a mile (or further if I have enough puff) from even a photo being taken…. well, it just wasn’t easy.  I must have done well over a hundred takes (no exaggeration) and almost threw the towel in.  But, then I thought of the saying “feel the fear and do it anyway”, so I felt the fear (goodness, did I feel it) and did it! 

It isn’t in any way perfect (and I seriously can’t watch it back) and I don’t think the true ‘me’ comes across (amid all that thick, cotton woolly sort of feeling you get with fear) but hopefully, that fear will be replaced by some confidence so that I can be a little bit more relaxed.  We shall see ;o)  Anyway, respect to all ye vloggers out there!

P.S.  I hope the video is useful and all comments (good and critical) are more than welcome x


spiral soaps bath & body said...

what a great video Helen! very brave of you, a brilliant first video blog! I really enjoyed watching and learnt a couple of new things too! x

Mabobo said...

Oh thank you sweetie pie. Gosh, it is nerve wracking though and sooooo much harder than what it appears. I a glad you found it usedful though. Thanks for your comment xx