Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nothing Like It!

I absolutely love the idea of owning something that isn't mass-produced and is really unique.  I am very lucky in that I rub shoulders, every single day, with some of the most creative and caring people who produce, by hand, beauty products that really are to die for. 

I know how hard they deliberate over every single detail and how much care and attention goes into their products.  From diligently selecting THE finest ingredients right down to how they are going seal the carefully selected packaging.  I know how many barriers they have to overcome to ensure that what they produce is safe and effective, but overcome them they do.  So much heart and soul goes into them and it is admirable to see such determination in people who are hell-bent on sticking to their ethos and principles.  The result?  THE most exquisite, individual and unique products available to anyone's beauty arsenal.  Isn't it a shame there isn't a Michelin Star rating equivalent for the producers of such finery.

Beautiful products make beautiful gifts for beautiful people. Over at the Maboho site, there's a selection of lovely gift ideas made by these lovely people and I really would highly recommend a little look-see.  There's also a few special and exlusive offers available to visitors to Maboho. 

Enjoy!  x


Miss Polly said...

Oh Helen, what a lovely post! I am truely touched that are so supportive of everyone and are always there for us when we have all those odd and silly questions we need answered. You must have the patience of a saint. Thank you again, your words mean an awful lot. Polly xxxx

Mabobo said...

Polly, what a sweet thing to say!! Aw... that's really made my evening. Thank you soooo much xxx