Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sweet Sugar Shower

Sometimes I am in such an honoured position and get to try out some absolutely beautiful products, even before they are brought to market.  Well today was one of those times.

Nicoletta, from Nicoletta’s Beauty Space, has been doing some product development and I got to try out a Pink Sugar & Gingerbread Solid Scrub Bar she’s been working on.  Packed with lovely natural oils, butters and crammed to the brim with luscious, sweet sugar (to exfoliate) and wrapped in a lovely foil wrapper, these pretty little bars pack quite a punch!

They are not designed as a cleanser, so best applied after normal soap/gel cleansing, but whilst still in the shower.  The bar is just the right shape and size to be held comfortably in the hand and I found that a few long strokes deposited just enough product on the skin.  Once applied, if you use circular motions, the scrubbing action is gentle, but enough to give a stimulated sensation and the oils/butters both work to act as a skin emollient as well as help to work the sugar evenly over the area to gently exfoliate.  Then simply rinse off the excess to leave a lovely, emolliating film on the skin.

So, what I loved about it….

·    Simple, yet pretty, presentation in the little foil wrapper (like an expensive chocolate)
·    Excellent size & shape – easy handling
·    Gentle scrubbing action, yet leaves the skin stimulated, soft and glowing
·    No need to moisturise afterwards – it leaves a lovely, natural oil film on the skin so no need to moisturise afterwards
·    Moisturiser chill avoidance – Because you apply it while still in the warm shower, you don’t get that chilly time that you can get (especially in the colder months) while you apply moisturiser after showering.  Or is that just me, lol.
·    The lovely oils leave a nice film on the skin that isn’t too oily – just enough
·    Skin feels soft, smooth and moisturised
·    No mess left in the shower (so no major clean up afterwards and no clogging plughole)
·    Easily enough for 2-3 applications
·    Eco-friendly – minimal packaging
·    Leaves a lovely, soft scent on the skin

Any downsides?

Not exactly a downside but more of a little caution (and this is true for all similar, oil-based products).  Be careful in the shower (and I imagine in the bath, although I haven’t actually used it in the bath yet) as it can become a bit slippery.

Other possibilities perhaps?

While talking of baths, I would think this would be a fantastic treat in the bath because the oils, from the bar, will disperse throughout the bath water and, coupled with the oils that are present on the skin as well as the warmth from the water, it would absolutely cocoon the skin is these lovely, luscious oils.

These definitely get my thumbs up and I really have enjoyed trying this.  They are not available to buy (yet) but hopefully, Nicoletta will consider that an option at some point in the future????

My sincerest thanks to Nicoletta x


ren said...

That's a really lovely review, they sounds scrummy, I hope they will be available soon !! :o)

Mabobo said...

Something tell's me they will be Ren (well at least I hope they will be ;o)) Thanks for your lovely comment :o)

nicoletta said...

Thanks so much for the great review Helen and ren they will be available soon :)

Mabobo said...

Aw... you are most welcome indeed. Really though, the pleasure was mine, ALL mine xx